Lab PI

Edward Ester, Ph.D

Eddie is interested in how the brain represents information in a flexible manner in order to support efficient decision making. Prior to joining the faculty at FAU he was a graduate student at the University of Oregon and a postdoc at UC San Diego. In his spare time he enjoys reading, traveling, sports, music, beer, and video games. Click here for a copy of his CV.

Graduate Students

Asal Nouri, BS

Asal is a second year PhD student in FAU Brain Institute Graduate Neuroscience Training program. She received her BS in Psychology from The University of Texas at Arlington. Her research interests lie at the intersection of perception and memory. In her spare time Asal enjoys music, reading, cooking, and playing with cats. 

Ashley DiPuma, BS

Ashley is a first-year student in the Psychology Department's MA program. She graduated from FAU in 2018 with degrees from the Neuroscience & Behavior and Chemistry programs. Her research interests include neurochemistry, neurodegeneration, behavioral and cognitive neuroscience. Her hobbies include reading, playing video games, and crocheting.

Subhosit Ray, MS

Subhosit is a second-year Ph.D student in the Psychology program. 

Lab Mascot

Jezebelle (Ph.Dog)

Jezebelle is a 4th year (old) student whose interests in visual perception include predictive coding (as it relates to the appearance of food), naive physics (as it relates to the flight paths of sticks/balls), circadian effects on cognition (as it relates to how early she should wake up her human charges), and the effects of frequent naps on dognition. 


Kohlton Bendowski (2017-2018; Graduate Student, UCF)

Jordan Camp (2017-2018; Medical Student, Ross University). 

Tayna Latortue (2017-2018; Medical Student, U. Miami)

Laura Rodriguez (2017-2019; Medical Student, U. Miami)

Jennifer Biondo (2018-2019)

Kelly Rivera (2017-2019)

Paige Pytel (MA; 2017-2019)


Rosie Cowell (UMass)

Sammy Hong (FAU)

Erica Musser (Florida International University)

Summer Sheremata (FAU)

Fabian Soto (Florida International University)

Tommy Sprague (UC Santa Barbara)

Weiwei Zhang (UC Riverside)